Biography: Picking Up the Pieces Part 2

Picking Up the Pieces: Daniel My heartbeat bludgeoned the silence as I stared at the two words on my phone. "You suck." My best friend, Sloan, was asleep with her head in the toilet in defeat of a successful birthday night. I so badly wanted to ask for her advice, but since everyone in the apartment was comatose, I allowed my emotions to take control and ring his number.

"Who the hell do you think you are sending me something like that?"

"Hannah?? Hold on, don't go anywhere. I have to get out of here."

"What are you talking about?!"

Daniel was in Cabo for spring break and had sent me the text message drunk at a club with his friends. I learned as soon as he broke away from the club and started heading home as he explained with me on the phone. This infuriated me even more. Daniel could hardly utter any words against my fervent wrath. Why now? Why would you say that? Why after all this time? Do you know how you hurt me? Why can't you pre…

Famous Last Words: Feeling Accomplished and Grateful

two dummies 
I managed to plow through a good portion of this week's worth of assignments and I'm feeling so good about it. It's literally a record for me! It's nice to have a lighter load on my shoulders.

This week has been strange so far, to say the least. I heard some provoking news from a friend I didn't expect, pertaining to someone I used to date. It shook me up more than I thought and I wound up sleeping in super late on Monday. I panicked at first because I had planned to get up early to get ahead on the work ahead for all of my classes and ultimately failed my electromechanical systems quiz. It really bummed me out. But then I got home and told myself "you can't change it now, change what's ahead." As soon as I saw my best friend/roommate and talked to her, ate some food, and started working, I felt okay. I had this awesome moment of appreciation for my best friend and I got inspired. Her 21st birthday is tomorrow and I'm definitely …

Week 8 Progress

Wow! I'm really impressed with the progress I've made in just a week versus how I was doing the whole time prior. At the beginning of Week 7, I was 21 points away from a C... ouch. Since then I've cracked down on finishing most of the regular class assignments plus a bunch of extra credit points... 52 points in total! Now beginning Week 8 I'm sitting 12 points away from a B and I'm determined to surpass that by the end of the week. Therefore, I'll need to accumulate about 30 points to reach that goal. This week is seemingly a bit lighter than it has been so far so this goal sounds reasonable to me! Ultimately my goal is to end the class with an A, so I determined for every class assignment there is, I would also do an extra credit. I've also learned last week that I had a lot of enjoyment out of the bio-writing extra credit assignments, so I'm looking forward to writing more!

Week 8 Comments and Feedback


Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, this style of class is totally new to me. I've taken online classes before, but none of them had any interaction with the rest of the class. It felt really isolated. This online mythology class has a creative way to interact that combines peer-editing and meeting the classmates on a level similar to that of a traditional classroom setting. The comments on my posts so far were encouraging and uplifting, and it's funny how nearly everyone was impressed that I'm from Germany. I think I'm pretty basic, but after reading that I got a little confidence boost. Sometime when I give feedback myself I worry if I'm being too harsh or not. I tend to be too honest sometimes since I think being overly sweet and generic sometimes comes out as ingenuine. I can't wait for people to start commenting on my project story once it's published!

Week 8 Reading and Reflection

Image Hook is on Netflix now, so guess what I'm watching! Ahh, nostalgic comfort.
I've been quite pleased with the reading material and progress I've made thus far. It's definitely a much different style of class than I'm used to taking, so I'm still learning! I would definitely say I want to up my game in personalizing my blog and website to express who I am. Perhaps I can use it to my advantage when doing some of the extra credit assignments.
As for my project stories, I have such big ideas, but it's been so long since I've done any kind of writing that when I read back on some of the stories I wrote, I cringe. It's very piece-y and scattered. I remember in grade school there's a ton of methods to organize and plan before you write. I tend to stray from that completely and just dive in. In that case, my new goal is to plan a little better before I write my first project story in hopes to create some bet…

Blogging Tech Tip, Week 8

This week couldn't have come at a better time! After seeing a lot of the other blogs in the class I noticed they're quite elaborate compared to mine and it always made me want to add a little bit of my own flair. But as of right now I've just been managing to stay caught up with the class work. 
This week gives me the opportunity to do that, though! I now have a nifty little weather widget added to my blog showing the daily weather in Norman thanks to Accuweather! 
Comment if it's visible or not! I can only view it as a link on my end and although the website instructions assured me that's just how the wireframe is, I want to make sure I didn't do it wrong! 😅

Google Draw Tech Tip, Week 7

My favorite picture of my 12-year-old sister, Sophie, as my continuous mood.